Call For Nominations


Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness Journal

 Nominations for Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness Journal (DMPHP) are being accepted through June 30, 2017.
Please address all nominations to the selection committee chair, Dr. Thomas Kirsch, at

 The DMPHP journal which was founded in July 2007, has been experiencing steady growth with over 500 submissions expected in 2017. The copyright for the journal is owned and held by the Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health (SDMPH). Currently the journal is published in partnership with Cambridge University Press. The Editor-in-Chief will have full responsibility for the editorial management of the journal consistent with the journal’s charter and general SDMPH policies. The SDMPH Board expects the EIC to ensure that the content of the journal is of high quality and that the editorial review process is both timely and fair. He/she has final say on acceptance of papers, size of the Editorial Board, and appointment of Associate Editors. 

A small Honorarium for travel to meetings may be available. 

About the Editor-in-Chief Position 

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the peer-review of all articles submitted to the DMPHP journal. The EIC selects the Editorial Board who will assist with peer review. 

Duties and responsibilities Administrative  

  • Prepares a written report at least annually on state-of-the-journal and long-range plans for improvement.
  • Write editorials on current issues within the community or on global health issues.
  • Invite/solicit commentaries from individuals or experts on a given topic.
  • Maintains/develops Editorial Policies to assure integrity and quality of journal content. Some policies may require approval by Publications Committee and/or Board.
  • Manages ethical and other issues that may arise in consultation with staff.
  • Works within the journal’s approved budget.
  • Develops long-range plans to maintain, or improve, the reputation of the journal as the premier publication in disaster medicine and public health.

Peer Review  

  • Oversees the peer-review of submitted articles using the electronic submission (currently manuscript central).
  • Responsible for final disposition of submitted articles to authors.
  • Assigns Editorial Board members to assist with assignment of reviewers and who will provide recommendations on disposition of articles, which under usual circumstances will be followed.
  • Acts as final arbiter if conflicts between Editorial Board member and reviewers occur; decision should be made only after full review of the scientific basis of the conflict, and if necessary, after appropriate consultation.
  • Monitors and assesses Editorial Board members in terms of performance and maintenance of highest standards of fairness and scientific rigor and may request removal of Member from Board at any time based on these criteria.
  • Oversees performance of Editorial Board and reviewers to ensure timeliness of decision making.
  • Establishes and adheres to procedures for review of authors’ dispute of final decisions.
  • Acts in Associate Editor capacity to assign reviewers for articles in his/her areas of expertise if he/she chooses to do so.
  • Makes every effort to ensure articles published are representative across the editorial scope, while maintaining standards of quality.
  • Develops peer-review workflow with Headquarters Staff who are responsible for implementation within the electronic submission system.


  • Demonstrated competence in at least one of the disciplines included in the disaster medicine/public health field of interest.
  • Agreement from the institution where the nominee is currently employed (waived if self-employed).
  • Have served on the current DMPHP Editorial Board, or have served in a similar capacity on the board of a recognized journal in the field. It is expected that the nominee or applicant would have at least 3 years in this capacity.
  • Have adequate time to perform duties – currently about 8-10 hours per week.
  • Ability to work with groups at all levels: associate editors, editorial boards, staff, volunteers, authors, reviewers, officers, etc.
  • Be a member of SDMPH.
  • Other desirable qualifications include leadership experience, integrity and ethical standards, organizational and management skills, and a vision for moving the journal to a new level of excellence.

Selection Process 

The EIC Selection Committee will review applications and conduct initial and final interviews before announcing the incoming editor. 

The Editor-in-Chief will begin a soft transition on October 1, 2017, with the official term of office commencing on January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2020. 

How to Apply 

Nominations, including self-nominations, are invited for an initial appointment of 3 years, with an option to serve a second term for an additional 3 years.  Midway through the initial term a publications committee will evaluate the performance of the journal, and inquire as to the Editor’s willingness to serve for a second term. This is an entirely voluntary position, but administrative/editorial support is available through the National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health (NCDMPH) headquarters based in Rockville, Maryland. Nominations should include a curriculum vitae along with a brief statement of why the nominee should be considered. Self-nominations are encouraged, and should include a statement of the candidate’s vision for the future development of DMPHP. The deadline for submitting nominations is June 16, 2017

 Please address all nominations to the selection committee chair, Dr. Thomas Kirsch, at