Citizen Ready® Program

The Citizen Ready® Program is a standardized disaster health education program that can help attain national all-hazards preparedness goals by providing critical medical and mental health information to enable individual citizens to play a more effective role in local disaster planning and response,

 and ensure their integration into the overall emergency response system. The overarching goals of the program are to build individual and community readiness and resilience to disasters by providing knowledge and skills to minimize injury, illness, and death, as well as increase individual motivation to become more engaged in local volunteer initiatives. Ultimately, the CitizenReady Program will provide the most essential information that people need to know to make the critical difference in a large-scale emergency or disaster situation. 

The CitizenReady Program can help achieve national all-hazards preparedness goals by enabling community groups and individual citizens to participate more effectively in local disaster response and ensure their integration into the overall emergency response system. 

Citizens learn how to: 

  1. Recognize potential life-threatening situations and act appropriately, while protecting personal health and safety; 
  2. Contact and interact with the local emergency medical and public health systems; 
  3. Make timely decisions with limited resources and data; 
  4. access disaster health preparedness information and resources; and 
  5. become more involved in local preparedness and response efforts through additional education and training, as well as participation in volunteer initiatives such as the Citizen Corps, Medical Reserve Corps, and American Red Cross. 

CitizenReady® Pandemic Influenza Module Learning Objectives: 

  1. Explain the difference between seasonal and pandemic influenza 
  2. Describe actions communities can take to prepare for an influenza pandemic 
  3. Describe actions you can take to prepare for an influenza pandemic 
  4. Describe public health directives that may be issued in a pandemic 
  5. Describe actions you can take to limit the spread of an influenza pandemic 

The module includes:  

  1. Facilitator’s Guide 
  2. Slide Presentation 
  3. Course Evaluation 
  4. Assessments   

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