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Members will participate in the creation of policies and programs that work toward global health security before, during, and after disasters.

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Since 2015 the Society has held an Annual Meeting. 

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SDMPH Highlighted Member:

Dr. Eduardo Dolhun

Dr. Eduardo Dolhun (featured right), Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at the Stanford University Medical Center and member of the Society of Disaster Medicine and Public Health, went to Tacloban City, Philippines, the epicenter of an area devastated by Typhoon Haiyan which left an estimated 10,000 people dead.

Dolhun travled to the Philippines as an innovator, doctor, and humanitarian. During his time the Philippines, Dr. Dolhun saw first-hand the need for a fast, inexpensive way to stay hydrated. Months after the disaster, the city’s water and sewage infrastructure remained, in some cases, damaged and others, completely inoperable. Experts have identified a high risk of further casualties from cholera, norovirus, rotovirus or other diseases that can lead to acute diarrhea and dehydration.

Dr. Dolhun is not a novice to the threat of dehydration. Previously, Dr. Dolhun witnessed thousands of people dying unnecessarily from dehydration while on a relief mission in Guatemala. In response, he created a Drip Drop, a rehydration therapy that would meet the medical standards of rehydration therapy as well as have a palatable taste. Dr. Dolhun claims that Drip Drop is a precise formula that combines sodium, potassium, magnesium and glucose that is absorbed faster in the human body and tastes better.

While in the Philippines, Dr. Dolhun and his team donated 15,000 doses of its product to assist in ongoing aid efforts.