Call for Papers: Zika

Introducing Rapid Reports – Zika: A Virus Epidemic

 Special articles by the journal Disaster Medicine & Public Health Preparedness (DMPHP)

Designed to be a conduit for operational and policy-level information to improve both health outcomes and critical decision-making, the stated goal is to provide factual, useful information without political bias and not subject to exaggeration.

Because of the nature of this outbreak and its strong association to an increase in microencephalic births, it is imperative that such information be provided to the public in a complete and transparent way. We believe one of the most effective conduits toward achieving this is through the peer-reviewed medical literature, but this must be done expeditiously to ensure maximum effectiveness.

As an academic journal, Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness has a responsibility to ensure accountability and transparency of all of its published material as well as to provide information that is both evidence-based, whenever possible, and has been subject to peer review. These are the journal standards and every effort will be taken to rigorously apply them as we attempt to publish a live issue.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be 1500 words maximum, with no more than 10 references and 1 to 2 images. The submission of online video or other supplementary material is encouraged.  Longer submissions will be considered when, in the judgment of the editors, the content merits such.

All submissions will be e-published in close to real time with subsequent print publication at a later date. The goal is to enhance preparedness and response — ongoing translational research so to speak.  Publication will be accomplished within 15 working days of receipt of accepted manuscripts.

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